Saturday, 23 August 2014

One Week

My First Post for my blog that I will be writing to keep everyone up to date while I am in China.

I am still in Canada. We are in the finishing touches of getting me my Visa so that I am legally allowed to teach in China. I'm guessing it will probably take the remainder of next week so you have me for maybe another full week in Canada. To explain a bit of what I will be doing: I am teaching High School in an English Immersion BC Offshore School. From what I know right now, which isn't a ton, I will be teaching Grade 10 History, English and Planning, with the possibility of some Drama. I teach the BC curriculum and these students graduate with a BC Dogwood graduation certificate. I am definitely looking forward to escaping BC's Education situation right now, and being able to get full-time work straight out of school. My housing is just about totally paid for (I will end up paying about $80/month due to choosing an expensive apartment), and I make a similar starting wage to what I would in BC, but pay a much lower income tax than I would in BC.

If you have any questions, feel free to comment on the blog and I will respond when I can. I am writing the blog as I do not anticipate having Facebook in China.

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