Friday, 21 November 2014

It's My Life

So apparently its been a month since I blogged.

The time is flying by. I can't believe it's been a month since I last blogged.

I haven't done a ton of travelling since we last talked. To update situations, I haven't heard from Jerry in a month so that situation is basically dead. No real romantic updates, so I may not be getting married in China this year :P

I haven't done a lot of travelling lately. We have done two trips to Nanning, one as a Pro-D day and one that was a trip with Misty, Denise, Anthony and I. We did the second one as a shopping trip and boy did I hit the jackpot. I found a suit, single button jacket, very sleak design, with a white shirt and tie for 410 RMB which works out to about 70rmb Canadian. So stoked. Very good quality too. We found a subway on our trip, which is the single best discovery since we've been here. Having a sub sandwich was quite close to orgasmic.

I also got to experience my first Gay bar. Anthony, one of the teachers we hang with often, is gay and he found us a bar in Nanning. We get the bar and stay for a while, and the shows put on in the bar are actually quite amazing. Very sexual, the cross dressers are quite amazing and the shows are very erotic.

Teaching has been intense of late. Maybe it's because I'm in my first Year but Monday to Friday I feel like almost all I do is planning and marking. Fortunately Keinan has helped keep me sane. Keinan now has a free table at a theatre in town any time he wants Monday to Thursday nights, We went once and it is not like theatre in North America. There was lots of singing, rock music, Jazz Music, Acting, pole dancing and knife throwing all rolled into our theatre night. The knife throwing was intense. The guy started by throwing regular knives, but outlining the body of his beautiful Chinese assistant. Then he started throwing freaking butcher knives. My Heart was absolutely pounding in my chest watching this. All his throws landed within six inches of his assistant. Then they start spinning her around on a wooden circle fast. You couldn't actually tell where he was throwing the knives, but when she stopped, he had thrown 4 knives on each side of her legs, within six inches of each other and six inches of her legs. I could barely breathe watching this. Then he pulls out small axes and starts throwing them ambidextrous. I now couldn't breathe. Holy Crap. He put every axe very close to her body, throwing with both hands and didn't hit her.

Keinan and I went to the theatre with two women he had met, Vivian who is a teacher at a school she created, and Candy, who is a teacher at her school as well as a University student. They are a ton of fun and we've hung out as a group of four, three times since, doing dinner, bowling and billiards as well as the theatre. They were laughing at Keinan and I for how worked up we were getting watching the knife throwing. It was pretty entertaining and both women are a lot of fun to hang out with.

We have a field trip tomorrow where we are doing a movie, billiards and bowling. I will give more of an update tomorrow, but I figured I would give you a brief update as to the last month.

Until next time,


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